DENVER — There are things we should all be doing to own our health and prevent larger, and more expensive issues from developing.

Dr. Tista Ghosh, Vice President of Health Strategy for 9Health, said there are certain things we should all be getting checked regularly. 

“It can vary by age but most of us should be getting regular exams to check things like blood pressure and body mass index," she said. "You should get regular skin screenings, eye exams and oral health screenings, many of which are free at a 9Health Fair.”

Ghosh added that it’s also important to receive regular blood chemistry screenings to check cholesterol levels, blood glucose, triglycerides and electrolytes. 

A blood chemistry panel can also give you information about liver, kidney and thyroid function. 

“It’s important for everyone to receive preventive care to not only catch any problems early but also for patients to take an active role in their overall health," Gosh said. "The more they do, the healthier they’ll be overall."

9Health delivers on the mission of providing preventive health care screenings and you can get the screenings you need at a 9Health Fair this fall. Find a fair near you by clicking here.

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