Too many people are dying in traffic on Denver's city streets. That's according to Mayor Michael Hancock.

He says people don't stop when they're supposed to, the lighting is bad in a lot of spots and too many people are driving too fast.

Last year alone there were 61 traffic deaths on the streets of Denver. That's according to the mayor's office. They say those deaths were disproportionately pedestrians. What's more, 50-percent of Denver's traffic fatalities occur on just 5-percent of the streets.

One of those is Colfax Avenue near Pearl Street. That's where 9NEWS' Andrew Sorensen is reporting from Friday.

In an attempt to curb those numbers Mayor Hancock is rolling out the "Vision Zero Action Plan" Friday. The mayor says the ultimate goal is to get traffic deaths down to zero by 2030.

Some of the changes you're going to see include changing designs for intersections, more crosswalks, lower speed limits, stiffer penalties for traffic issues and a city-wide seatbelt law.

The mayor is rolling out his 70-point plan at 8:30 a.m. Friday.