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The Rockies are keeping track of the weird cardboard cutouts they see in the stands, and it’s a lot to unpack

Pillows in baseball caps and Zoom happy hours are now baseball fans.

DENVER — Oh 2020. Since we can’t spend the whole time curled up in a ball wishing for it to end, the least we can do is have a sense of humor about it. 

And, as always, that’s what the Colorado Rockies are doing. Since fans can’t be in the stands like usual, Major League Baseball has replaced them with cardboard cutouts. Are they a little jarring? Absolutely. But others are hilarious.

The Rockies have kept a tally of the best cutouts and fake fans they’ve seen this season. Here’s a look at some images from a sports season that many of us would prefer to forget, but will likely always remember.

>>> Speaking of fake things, watch the video above for a previous 9NEWS story about the fake crowd noise that accompanies the fake fans at the nevertheless real Rockies games. 

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They found Waldo … and Randy Marsh?! 

The “Where’s Waldo” cutout is good … but Randy Marsh (or the actual “Lorde,” depending on which South Park season you prefer) is much more Colorado.

Credit: Courtesy Twitter

This very, very good boy 

Credit: Courtesy Twitter

An ode to 2020’s best piece of art, so far 

Many us will remember 2020 for two things: the novel coronavirus pandemic, and the year’s greatest cultural achievement.

I’m talking, of course, about the Joe Exotic documentary on Netflix. And that’s why these cutouts are very fitting.

Credit: Courtesy Twitter

Actually … there’s another 2020 cultural touch point to discuss 

Baby Yoda. Enough said.

Credit: Courtesy Twitter

A cutout that honors one of the worst things about 2020  

There was that brief moment in March when Zoom was cute. Now it’s August, and the thought of another Zoom happy hour is literally a thing out of nightmares.

Anyway, here’s a Zoom happy hour cutout.

Credit: Courtesy Twitter

Don’t know what’s going on here, but it’s cool  

It’s literally just a pillow wearing a cap.  

Credit: Courtesy Twitter

Memes in the stands 

There might not be fans, but at least there’s Michael Scott to cheer people on.

Credit: Courtesy Twitter

A presidential visit (kinda)  

Cutouts of both the late H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush …

Credit: Courtesy Twitter

as well as George W. Bush and Laura Bush were in the stands in Texas.

Credit: Courtesy Twitter

All the mascots 

When you can’t have fans, have more fake mascots.

Credit: Twitter

You can follow along on the best cardboard cutouts in the stands via this Twitter thread from the Rockies. It’s worth a look when life gets too heavy (actually, their whole Twitter account is an American treasure). 

And one thing that’s worth mentioning? Unlike the NHL, no one’s made the ultimate “fans in the stands” dad joke yet.

It’s your move, baseball fans.