In 20 years, you will remember where you were the day that Comcast customers throughout Denver found themselves without internet service on a night where, uninhibited by the beautiful distraction of Netflix, we discovered our true selves.

Ok, maybe not, but between 4:30 p.m. and around midnight on Monday, an internet service outage covered a large part of the city, and people were freaking out.

We called a Leslie Oliver, a Comcast spokesperson, on Tuesday morning.

She confirms that what happened was a fiber line was cut during a construction project. They’re working on determining exactly what led up to the outage, but they don’t know exactly how many customers were impacted.

Oliver did characterize the outage as “widespread” around the Denver area.

She says most businesses had their internet service back by 9:30 p.m. Monday, and that Comcast will be doing auto-refunds to all customers once their investigation is done and they figure out the scope of the outage.

Here's a full statement from Comcast:

“We appreciate everyone’s patience during last night’s service outage. We regret the impact to customers and want to make it right. We are conducting an investigation into the cause and full impact of the outage. Upon completion of the investigation and identification of the impacted residential customers, we will automatically apply credits to their accounts.”

Luckily, internet service is back for most of us. Will the world be the same? Only time will tell.

If you liked how over-dramatic that last sentence was, then you’ll love this compilation of tweets from people who had some things to say about the Great Comcast Outage of 2017: