It’s very rare that airport art evokes particularly strong emotions.

Conspiracy theories aside, that’s certainly not true at Denver International Airport, and there is one giant, red-eyed, blue sculpture to rule them all (as well as the rest of the underworld, probably).

Demon horse, also known as “Blucifer” or by its official name, the Blue Mustang, stands in the median of Pena Boulevard It’s creator, Juis Jimenez, was killed when part of the sculpture fell on him.

At this point, despite efforts to get it removed, the Blue Mustang is a landmark. And while most photos of it look ominous, viewer Peter Pereira managed to make it look … well … kinda pretty?

The photo in question shows a rainbow right behind demon horse. It’s hauntingly beautiful.

Compare it with this photo of demon horse, and it looks downright pleasant.

"Welcome to Denver, my pets. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA."

Blucifer’s photo for National Selfie Day also felt like something out of a nightmare. Frankly, not even a rainbow could fix this.

He’s watching you.

In conclusion, this photo of demon horse with a rainbow was a nice departure from the usual stuff.

Now please, continue on with the rest of your day. Yes, someone was paid to write this.