At the Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Center near Granby, Director Bill Pierce has skis, jackets and hats ready for Tuesday's opening day.

Now all he needs is some snow.

“It feels like mid-September,” Pierce said.

Normally opening day is pretty busy, but this year it’s been quiet.

Like many other places around the country, November’s warm, dry weather has left the Snow Mountain Ranch without snow -- even at 8,750 feet.

In a stroke of genius, Pierce has spun all the warm weather into something he can use. He's getting people out on the trails in another way.

“We’re renting fat bikes. We’re renting ski poles. You can still get out on our trails,” Pierce said.

This year, trails are plentiful because the snow isn’t. Normally riders can take on about 25 miles of trails around Snow Mountain Ranch, but right now there are about 62 miles to ride.

“They are open and they are dry,” Pierce said.

Conditions that are a little different for this time of year with a lot less snow than what people have seen in the past.

“We try to have 40K to 60k open by Thanksgiving," Pierce said. "Right now I would be satisfied with 1 to 5K."

It’s why he’s hoping a little snow later this week will bring a change that gets the weather rolling more toward winter.