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With an average precipitation total of around 14 inches per year, Colorado is one of the driest states in the country. Our state only receives a couple more inches than desert-laden states like Arizona and New Mexico.

Because of this, some gardens, and plants are either not suited for our moisture deprived-climate or require extra care in order to succeed. To give your garden a better chance it’s important to get water-wise, which means choosing the best plants and flowers for a dry climate. 

The 60th Annual Garden & Home show will help gardeners of all levels get water wise at the Plant Select® educational sessions.

Plant Select is the country’s leading brand of plants designed to thrive in high plains and intermountain regions. It is a nonprofit collaboration between Colorado State University, the Denver Botanic Gardens and professional horticulturists from across the country. The program’s mission is to seek out and distribute the best plants for landscapes and gardens from the intermountain region to the high plains and beyond.

In order to be a recommended by the program the recommended plants must have the below qualities:

  • Flourish with less water
  • Thrive in a broad range of conditions
  • Habitat-friendly
  • Tough and resilient in challenging climates
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Resist disease and insects
  • Long-lasting beauty
  • Non-invasive

Plant Select plants that are beautiful and match the above criteria include:

  • Colorado Desert Blue Star
  • Fire Spinner Ice Plant
  • Columbine (Colorado’s state flower)
  • Spanish Peaks® Foxglove
  • Dwarf Beach-head Iris

Here are a few topics that the program will highlight at the Garden & Home Show to help gardeners of all levels be successful this gardening season:

  • Simple design solutions for small spaces
  • Flowers and plants that are sturdy yet still ornamental
  • Native pollinator garden, which native plants will attract pollinators
  • Xeric garden and rose and grass borders
  • Prairie gardens

Plant Select sessions take place throughout the 2019 Garden and Home Show at the Bellco Theater. See the complete schedule here.

The 60th Annual Colorado Garden & Home Show will be at the Colorado Convention Center Feb. 9-17. Tickets and more information can be found at

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