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Report: Shelley Long rushed to UCLA Medical Center

LOS ANGELES - The New York Post is reporting actress Shelley Long was taken to UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles apparently after taking an overdose of painkillers.

Long was apparently depressed over the breakup of her marriage. She was admitted to the hospital on November 16th and was discharged Tuesday.Long had been married to securities broker Bruce Tyson for 22 years. They are in the midst of a divorce. Her friends say she had been sad in recent months because of the split.Long's agent denies reports that the drug overdose was a suicide attempt. Martin Mickelson says she took medicine to treat a back injury she suffered years ago. He says the drug made her ill but that she is home now and doing fine.Long is best known for the role she played as the bubbly blond waitress in "Cheers.". She has also starred in several movies in the past 20 years. Among her film credits: "The Money Pit", "The Brady Bunch Movie", "The Santa Trap" and "Dr. T the Women."

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