Maggie Burns wants to be a part of your wedding.

She's not trying to take over maid of honor duties, but her role in your special day is just as crucial.

Burns is the founder and head designer of Marie-Margot Couture, a Denver-based bridal couture shop.

The Colorado native spent nearly three decades dress-making as a hobby, but now calls her full-time job "so rewarding."

"I love the fact that ritual is an important part of civilization and the fact that we will put on our best clothes and wear our special dress in honor of that ritual," Burns said. "I just love being part of that."

Rachel Veltri

Her bridal design career started as a friends and family kind of deal, "When people knew that I knew how to sew, they would say 'oh can you just put me up a little bridal gown?'"

In 2010, she turned her love for creating unique bridal gowns into a full-blown business.

Over the years, Burns estimates she's made about 100 dresses -- each of which can take anywhere from 6 to 9 months.

While Burns cherishes her one-on-one time with her brides, her designing future is branching out soon: she will start to provide gowns for boutiques. While she expects that to take off in the next few months, her main focus won't dramatically change.

"The customer part of my business is something that I always treasure and I'll never get rid of it." Burns said.

This year, Burns is nominated for 303 Magazine's best designer award. She's taken that honor home in previous years, including 2017.

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A quote on her website sums up what she does and what she aims to do for the rest of her career:

"I want to help make that special day unforgettable."

You can see the pieces of Marie-Margot Couture come to life on March 18 during the DFW Bridal Show.

Denver Fashion Week runs from March 18 to 25. Learn more and get your tickets here.