These unusual hobbies are over 40 years in the making, but don't let that bring you down.

"It's never too young, nor... are you ever too old to really get started on something like this," says Tim Nolan, professional juggler and basketball entertainer.

Nolan's specialty wasn't that unique in the beginning. He was visiting an amusement park with his family in 1975 when a street performer caught his attention.

"I saw a guy juggling," says Nolan, "and I said, 'Oh, that's a cool job. It looks like something that would be fun to do.'"

When he got home, he started practicing and became very good pretty fast. In fact, he improved so quickly that he soon began looking for something more ambitious.

"I started going to some juggling conventions," says Nolan, "and I saw some other guys that were a level ahead of me."

Those guys weren't throwing balls into the air; they were bouncing them off the ground. It was just the challenge Nolan needed. He gave it a try and after years of practice, Nolan set the Guinness world record for bounce-juggling 11 balls at one time.

But in typical Tim Nolan fashion, that wasn't enough. He's also a master basketball trick shooter, landing shots you have to see to believe.

"Once I started doing the regular shots, I started trying to show off," says Nolan. Some of his over 250 trick shots are so wild, he even shocked himself.

Nolan posted a video to YouTube of him making a few of those incredible baskets.

"If I jumped up and got excited and did a fist pump [in the video], that's usually one that might've taken me 30 or 40 tries," he says.

So, take a lesson from Tim Nolan. You may not become a pro overnight, but it doesn't mean you can't have a ball along the way.

"Shoot 'til you make it," says Nolan. "That's... my motto."

To learn more about Tim Nolan, visit his website. You can view some of his jaw-dropping basketball trick shots and bounce-juggling on YouTube here.