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Moose dawdle around sleeping man on lawn in Breckenridge

The man received the surprise visit while he was sleeping soundly on the grass in front of a river near Blue River Plaza on Monday afternoon.
Credit: by Jason Clay/CPW
Stock photo of a cow moose on Guanella Pass

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. — While resting quietly on the lawn facing a river in Breckenridge, a man received an unexpected visitor. While he was sound asleep, two moose approached him near Blue River Plaza on Monday afternoon. 

According to Summit Daily (SD), witnesses saw a man sleeping near the Riverwalk Center around 4 p.m. when two moose walked from the parking lot toward Blue River and approached the man who was lying down on the grass.

According to SD, the man never moved during the 5-minute encounter. One witness, Christie Stinger, told SD that she noticed the man before the moose and immediately began taking photos of the encounter. She was leaving a business nearby when she witnessed the scene.  

“I just have always heard not to startle them. It’s just common sense to me,” Stinger told Summit Daily. “Again, I didn’t want him to get up and catch their attention by moving too quickly, so I just didn’t say anything.”  

SD said a second witness, Sara Cox, watched the incident from the patio where she was sitting in a nearby store. According to SD, she was also hesitant to make a noise and scare the man. SD says that she tried to call the man to wake him up, but he apparently slept the whole time.  

Witnesses said the moose never sniffed the man or got too close to him. According to SD, Cox said she finally woke the man up to tell him what happened and that the man was wearing headphones and appeared to be fast asleep.

According to Cox, the man laughed when she told him about the encounter but after watching the video, he turned serious.

SD reports they requested comment from the man, but he didn't respond before the deadline. 

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