Even though it's chilly and foggy outside on Monday, swimsuit season is on the horizon.

Dr. Rachel, who is a functional medicine practitioner, showed 9NEWS viewers how to get a swimsuit-ready body.

Dr. Rachel reminded everyone that crash diets are not the way to get healthy, it's more about eating the right kinds of things.

"By ditching the refined sugars and eating good fuels like good fats to get that winter weight off," Dr. Rachel said.

For those who have a sweet tooth, but don't want to go overboard, there are alternatives, but Dr. Rachel said it can hint at a much larger issue.

"If you have this constant craving for sweets, it's a red flag that you're not giving your body the right kinds of fuels, which are the good fats," Dr. Rachel said. "Better sugars to eat are things like raw honey, maple syrup, Stevia or fresh organic fruit."

She wanted to dispel the rumor that fat makes you fat. Fat can be good for your body.

"It's unfortunate that we've been led to believe that fats are the villain here, because when you eat the good kinds of fats what happens is your body actually gets long-burning fuel that prevents you from eating sugars and junky food." Dr. Rachel said. "Since it's long burning, it takes you hours instead of maybe just half an hour."

So what foods should people eat to stay healthy this summer?

"The best recommendation is to go for traditional fats that humans have been enjoying and thriving on for hundreds of years," Dr. Rachel said. "Some examples of those would be grass-fed butter or cold-pressed olive oil, coconut oil and nuts."