Several excited (and hungry) 9NEWS viewers wrote to us Monday ecstatic about some news they had seen posted online: In-n-Out Burger has plans to open a Denver location!

Well, sorry, burger fans, but that's not true.

The news was originally posted to I'm From Denver, which showed a Tweet appearing to be from the California-based burger joint announcing a Colorado location.

The fake news post was shared wildly online, with more than 4,000 shares at the time of this article's publication.

Here's their original (and inaccurate) Facebook post:

An In-n-Out spokesperson confirmed to 9NEWS that they have no plans to expand to Colorado.

"At the present time, we are not looking to expand beyond the 6 states in which we currently operate. (California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas and Oregon)," Carl Van Fleet with In-N-Out Burger said. "While we do hope to get to Colorado at some point in the future, we’re not actively looking at any sites there now. If there is a rumor, we apologize for any confusion and we really want to thank you for checking with us to get the story straight."

In-N-Out actually responded to a similar hoax in September about a potential (and fake) Denver location.

A little digging reveals that the In-n-Out Twitter account actually hasn't tweeted since 2011, and they definitely haven't tweeted about a Denver location.

There is also no mention of a Colorado In-n-Out on their verified Facebook pages or website.

So, sorry burger aficionados and California transplants: you'll still have to book a flight to snag a double-double.