GREELEY, Colo. — Greeley police said Thursday that a man has been issued a summons they said falsely claimed his puppy was stolen at gunpoint. 

On Dec. 29, officers with the Greeley Police Department said they arrived at Centennial Park in response to a reported robbery. There, Neal Hefty told them a tale about how his 10-week-old puppy had been wrestled from him at gunpoint.

Detectives investigating the case found some evidence that the situation didn't happen as Hefty said it did, according to the Police Department. There was no puppy and there weren't any firearms, detectives said.

According to law enforcement, Hefty provided a photo he found online of the puppy that was from another state - and from May. 

On Thursday, officers issued a summons for Hefty to appear in Weld County Court to answer for a charge of false reporting to authorities, which is a misdemeanor.

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