Twenty-two days into Colorado Bike Month, Bike to Work Day will aim to take Denver from four wheels to two.

Here's your guide to Bike to Work Day 2016:

Most of the country honors Bike to Work Day in May. Because of Colorado weather, especially in the mountains, the legislature moved it to June. Bike to Work Day falls on the fourth Wednesday of the month. More than 30,000 people participated last year.

Why bike?

Save some money, see some scenery, breathe the fresh air and lose some weight!

AAA says that on average, drivers who put 15,000 miles on their car per year spend 58 cents per mile. So if you live 5 miles away from work, you can save almost $6 for the day by riding a bike. You're already making up for the cost of a morning coffee.

According to, a person who weighs 150 pounds, and rides moderately at a pace of 10-12 miles per hour, will burn 170 calories in 25 minutes.

Registration: More than 16,000 people have registered in Denver alone, as of Monday afternoon. You don't have to register to ride your bike to work but you'll be eligible for prizes if you do. You could score Red Rocks tickets, lottery tickets or even a trip to Italy. There is no cost.

Safety first:

  • Wear a helmet, no matter how close your job is to home. It should be snug and level.
  • Wear fitted clothing if you're commuting far. If you wear work clothes, use Velcro straps to hold back pant cuffs.
  • Consider wearing reflective pieces, like a vest, and putting lights on the bike.
  • Ride single-file, use hand gestures for turn signals and obey the rules of the road. Don't weave between cars, and stay to the right.
  • Use sunglasses to shield eyes from the wind and sun.
  • Don't wear earbuds or headphones. Riders need to be able to hear other vehicles.

Pack your playlist: Whether you have a speaker on your bike or just want some motivation before you hit the road, here's your Bike to Work Day playlist:

Check-up: Take a look at your bike, especially if you haven't ridden recently. Tires should be inflated, the seat should fit your body, make sure the brakes and chains are working and bring a flat tire repair kit.

-- and don't forget the bike lock!

If you need help: AAA Colorado will offer free roadside service to members who need help. If the bike can't be ridden any further, it'll be attached to the service truck and taken to where the owner needs to go.

Share the Road from AAA Public Affairs on Vimeo.

Enjoy the ride! Stations will be set up around the area on Wednesday. Water and breakfast will be available at many stations from 6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. The stations will offer only water from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. "Bike parties" are available at some stations. They'll include free cups of coffee and refreshments, buy-one-get-one items - like at Chipotle - , food trucks and goodie bags, depending on the specific location.

Many stations will also offer safety checks and minor repairs, if needed.

Civic Center Park and Union Station will be two of the most popular stops.

Click the map for a link to all bike party locations and the list of services

Map your route: Some trails are closed for various reasons, like construction. Links to current closures here. This map will give you routes from your house to work, and back home.

Public transportation: RTD will allow you to bring clean bikes onto light rails and commuter rails, and buses are equipped with racks. Bike lockers are available at these locations.

Weather: Wednesday's highs could reach 91. There is a chance for storms but otherwise expect sunshine. Wear sunscreen and light clothes and bring water. Know your limits and stop if need be.

No excuses: Having trouble getting motivated? CDOT offers a ton of tips, like:

  • No showers: Most commuters don't shower at work; ride at an easy pace to stay cool and dry; Keep a small supply of toiletries at your worksite to freshen up if you feel the need; If you have a work neighbor with showers, ask about the possibility of using them
  • The average commuter travels at 10 mph; the more you ride the faster you'll get; Trips of less than three miles will be quicker by bike; Trips of five to seven miles may take the same time or less than by car

Check out the group rides if you don't want to ride alone

Other: The Colorado Bicycle map