The secret is out about Hanging Lake. The short, but somewhat strenuous, hike leads to a gorgeous, clear green lake. It's a must-do in Colorado. 

The downside? 

Fist fights in the parking lot. 

Fender-bender crashes triggered by hot tempers over saving spots. 

Waiting in line to get access to parts of the trail. 

Cars backing up from the trailhead parking lot onto the I-70 interstate. 

Boardwalks supposed to last 25 years are in disrepair after just seven. 

Overcrowding of the Hanging Lake trail has become a serious concern.

These are all things that have happened (some more regularly than others), according to the District Ranger for the area, Aaron Mayville. 

"The Trajectory we’re on is one of loving this place to death," he said. 

This story was born, in part, based on many comments from 9NEWS viewers about the growing problem of overcrowded trails in Colorado after we posted a story about a pleasant hike to try in Jefferson County.

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