The Patti Fiasco got the call they weren’t expecting: the band had been selected to open for Bon Jovi at the Pepsi Center, potentially launching their music career to heights they couldn’t have foreseen.

That call came more than a year ago. Since then, the band was told not once but twice that the concert wasn’t happening, the latest cancellation in April 2017 being blamed on Jon Bon Jovi getting sick.

But he promised fans he’d make it up to them, and he’s done the same for the Ft. Collins-based group that bills itself as a soulful rock band mixed with other genres like rockabilly and blues.

“When we found out that we won the contest it was exhilarating. When we found out the show wasn't happening it was maybe the opposite of that a little disappointment,” said Patti Fiasco member Alysia Kraft.

So how’s she feeling on the eve of the biggest show and stage of their career?

“I’m at excitement level 14 on a scale of 1 to 10. Super stoked.”

She says she and her bandmates made the best of last year’s disappointment and are better off for it.

“It's just been double the support and double the exposure with this coming around again,” Kraft said.

As for the chance to meet Bon Jovi, Kraft isn’t holding her breath. “I’d love it if that were a possibility but I have no expectations about how the day is going to go,” she said.

Bandmate Dee Tyler says the only focus is on the set they’re about to play in front of tens of thousands of rock music fans.

“I’m not thinking past our set. I want to have a really awesome set at the Pepsi Center,” he said. “If anything comes from it that’s great, but it’s about right here and right now.”

So what can potential new fans expect?

“We just kind of condensed it to our most energetic, the stuff that I feel is the most quintessential Patti Fiasco, and hopefully a vibe that matches with Jon well.”