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Vail opens mobile plasma lab in effort to help critically ill COVID-19 patients

Mayor Dave Chapin, who has recovered from the virus, is among the donors.

VAIL, Colo — COVID-19 survivors in the Vail Valley turned out Tuesday to donate their plasma in hopes it can help other people recover from the disease.

The donors included the Mayor of Vail, Dave Chapin, who waited 28 days after his recovery in order to donate. He plans to donate every week.

Vail Valley veterinarian Nadine Lober helped organize the plasma drive after her own recovery.

She says the idea came from her sister who is a anesthesiologist at Denver Health Medical Center.

Vitalent plans to keep having plasma drives in the Vail Valley every Tuesday and Thursday.

Amanda Zinn is also among those giving. She comes from a family of helpers. That’s why she says she's donating her blood plasma 

Credit: Courtesy Nadine Lober

Zinn, who manages the town of Vail’s welcome centers, was the first town employee diagnosed with COVID-19. She said she’s recovered and is feeling well.

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Blood plasma from those who have recovered from COVID-19 is being used in some critically ill patients. There are no set treatments for COVID-19, and there’s no vaccine yet. But antibodies from those who have recovered have helped some critically ill patients get better.

Zinn has always been a blood donor. She has Type O blood, which can be used in anyone who needs blood. Her father is also Type O, and has given more than 10 gallons over the years, one pint at a time.

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