KUSA - Children will generally visit a doctor for 10 check-ups by the time they're 3 years old. But, many won't see a dentist until there's a problem.

As a result, cavities are the leading chronic disease among Colorado's children.

Cavities can be prevented by good brushing and flossing habits, regular check-ups, and fluoride treatments. Some family 9Health Fairs are offering fluoride varnishes to kids of all ages at no cost this year. It's a topical varnish that takes 30 seconds to apply to the surface of a child's teeth. It helps prevent and stop tooth decay.

Children can eat and drink right away after application but must avoid hot drinks or brushing or flossing until the end of the day. Medical professionals volunteering with KIND (Kids In Need of Dentistry) will be applying the varnishes.

Family 9Health Fairs run Saturday, Sept. 19 through Saturday, Nov. 21. If you'd like to find a fair near you, visit 9healthfair.org.

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