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Statement of Lin Wood, attorney for the Ramsey family

Ramsey lawyer Lin Wood, who has not reviewed the documents or the work of the experts consulted by the two released a statement. 

<p>Lin Wood (PHOTO: Getty Images) </p>

Ramsey family attorney Lin Wood released the following statement:

"I have absolute and total confidence in the integrity of former District Attorney Mary Lacy, and I am also aware of internet comments by former Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner where he within the last several months affirmed that the Ramsey case was a DNA case. So, I know what Chief Beckner has said publicly in recent months, I know what District attorney – former District Attorney Mary Lacy has said, and until someone impugns her integrity, or contradicts former Chief Becker’s statement I continue to believe as I have said before that this is a DNA case and that the best chance for solving the case will be a hit and match on the DNA in the future. I hope that day comes. Nothing that you’re telling me changed my mind, unless you’re telling me Chief Beckner has been dishonest in his comments on the internet or if you’re trying to suggest that Mary Lacy is dishonest."