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Boulder not ready for e-scooter companies

Boulder has hit the brakes on allowing e-scooter companies to operate within the city.

BOULDER, Colo. — The Boulder City Council agreed to a nine-month moratorium on business licenses for electric scooter companies during a meeting on Tuesday night.

While there's interest in bringing e-scooters to Boulder, the city wants more time to study the impact on safety and the environment. 

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Denver is the only city in the state where scooter companies currently operate. Companies like Lime and Bird arrived in Denver late last year, eventually prompting the city council to create a one-year pilot program for how the scooter companies can operate. 

Much like in Denver, residents in Boulder have differing opinions on whether e-scooter companies should be able to operate within the city. 

“I think it would probably be a nuisance,” one resident said. “Especially with a lot of pedestrian traffic, especially during summer. I think police would have an issue with it.”

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Another resident was more open to the idea of scooters as a useful transportation option. 

“For younger people like me who rely on public transportation, it would probably make a big difference with the commute. And it would probably be fun just to ride it around Boulder."

The moratorium could last until February, though several council members have asked for an expedited review by the city’s transportation department.

The state legislature passed a bill last session making it legal to allow e-scooters on streets. So even though scooter businesses can't operate in Boulder right now, people can still ride personal scooters.

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