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Three-day waiting period for gun show purchases to take effect Oct. 1

Advocates say it will save lives. A gun rights group says they will sue to block the law.

AURORA, Colo. — Coloradans going to gun shows could soon face new restrictions on buying firearms.

A new law that's supposed to take effect next month will make people wait three days to buy a gun.

"I think that everybody has the right to buy a firearm, no matter what," said gun shop owner Giovanni Galeano. 

But like many gun control laws, people's opinion on it can be starkly different. 

"It's giving somebody time to reflect and maybe they change their minds," said Rep. Judy Amabile (D). 

Beginning on Oct. 1st, purchasing a gun in Colorado will require a minimum three-day waiting period before receiving the firearm. 

"I think it is unconstitutional," said Galeano. "I believe it violates every right that we have."

He has owned a gun shop for the last 12 years. On Saturday, he came to Tanner Gun Show at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds. 

"We need to start talking about the real problem," he said. "The real problem is absolutely mental issues."

He said the three-day waiting period will hurt his business and result in fewer sales. 

"Every difficulty that they put in front of us, it creates a direct impact on our business," said Galeano. "It's not a productive thing. I don't see the purpose of it."

Amabile was one of the sponsors of the bill. The purpose of this law has a very personal meaning to her. 

"He told me, 'I'm going to get a gun. I want to kill myself,'" said Amabile. 

In 2018, she says her son had a mental health crisis. 

"One day, I saw a charge to the local gun shop," said Amabile. 

She said they ran down to the gun store and were able to stop the sale. Her son's background check did not come back instantly, which bought them some time. 

"In 2019 when they were first running the red flag law, I went and told that story to the committee," said Amabile. 

It's what inspired her to run for office. 

"I do know that if my son had gotten a gun the day that he tried to get the gun, that he would very likely be dead now," she said. 

She said she's thankful her family had the chance to intervene and hopes the new law will do the same for someone else in a situation of suicide or homicide. 

"I think it's going to meaningfully save lives." said Amabile. 

A gun rights group filed a lawsuit to block this law back in April. 

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners said that case has been voluntarily withdrawn and they will re-file the lawsuit several days before the new law takes effect. 

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