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Colorado residents can now use sex identifier 'X' on driver licenses, IDs

Coloradans now have a non-binary option when getting driver licenses and identification cards.

DENVER — Colorado on Friday, Nov. 30 adopted a new policy to allow a non-binary sex identifier option on driver licenses and identification cards.

Under the new rules, those getting a license or ID are able to choose between M (male), F (female), and X (non-binary) -- as determined by them and their licensed medical or behavioral healthcare provider, according to a release from the Colorado Department of Revenue.

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Those wanting to make the change will have to fill out and present a DR2083 Change of Sex Designation Form signed by their medical or behavior professional. The choice will then appear as the sex identifier on the license or ID card.

CDOR said it worked with Governor Hickenlooper’s Joint ID Task Force for more than a year to address barriers to obtaining drivers licenses and ID cards. Two recent court cases involving residents attempting to change their sex on government identification also played a role in the new policy, CDOR said.

“It is important Coloradans have a correct sex identifier on their driver licenses and identification cards that reflects their true lived experience. This policy is better for all of Colorado,” CDOR Executive Director Michael Hartman wrote in a release. “Further, these rules are necessary to limit the CDOR’s legal exposure and to align our policies to be consistent with actions in recent court cases.”

There’s no additional fee to change the sex identifier, other than the standard fee to obtain a new card. CDOR said the change must be made in person at a driver license office.

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