Charlie the dog has had a day of it.

Like most dogs, he was out with a hike with his owner in one of Colorado's beautiful state parks on Sunday. Unfortunately, Charlie got himself in a bit of a bind. We've all been there (well, probably none of us have had to have the fire department come to save us, but still - we're not trying to make Charlie feel self-conscious)!

Members of West Metro Fire Rescue met up with Jefferson County Open Space Rangers to attempt a high-angle rope rescue - and let me be the first to tell you it went off without a hitch!

Firefighters got up and got Charlie while rescuers aided with rattlesnake spotting! Thankfully, none of those rattlers got ahold of little Charlie.

According to West Metro, Charlie's being a bit mum on how he got up on those rocks (see pictures), but at least he's been reunited with his owner.

Now, Charlie, maybe you should just spend your Sundays napping from now on, eh?