State prison records reviewed by 9Wants to Know reveal the man accused of fatally shooting a deputy last month had a “very high” risk of reoffending before his release from the Colorado Department of Corrections.

22-year-old Dreion Dearing is currently facing a first-degree murder charge in the killing of Adams County Deputy Heath Gumm on Jan. 24.

An assessment conducted by the Department of Corrections found Dearing “regularly had conflict with staff and engaged in gang related negative behaviors” six months before he completed his parole in August of 2016.

“Dearing needs to focus on following the rules (of) society or he will continue to have conflict with the law,” the assessment said.

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The documents also point out Dearing often had problems following the rules while in custody, was disrespectful to law enforcement, and often resorted to violence while in lock up. His affiliation with a gang was considered a factor in his behavior.

Assesment by the Department of Corrections

The documents provided to 9Wants to Know show Dearing often challenged law enforcement while in custody. During one incident, he shouted “F***k the police” when he was told by a corrections staff member to take food back to his room.

Nineteen days before completing his parole, Dearing admitted he smoked marijuana and drank alcohol. He tested positive for the substances and was given a “verbal reprimand,” according to corrections records.

On Aug. 21, 2016, Dearing completed his parole after serving time for a 2013 robbery case. Prison records show he had felonies on his record and was arrested several times as a teenager.