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Colorado's minimum wage is going up on Monday

On Monday, the minimum wage will go up to $10.20 per hour.
Colorado's minimum wage will go up 99 cents per hour, to $9.30 per hour, on Monday.

Colorado's minimum wage is going up 90 cents per hour on Monday.

In November 2016, Colorado voters approved Amendment 70, a plan to raise the wage for any non-tipped worker in the state from $8.31 per hour to $12 an hour in three steps by 2020.

In 2017, the minimum wage went up to $9.30 per hour.

On Monday, Jan. 1, Colorado's minimum wage will increase to $10.20 per hour ($7.18 per hour for tipped employees).

Minimum wages in 18 states will go up on Monday, with Washington state seeing the highest minimum wage, at $11.50 per hour.

Advocates for higher minimum wages applauded states' efforts to raise wages, including in Colorado.

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