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New science may solve decade-old murder of newborn

FORT COLLINS – The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office asked for the public's help Wednesday in trying to solve a 10 year old murder case involving a newborn baby girl.

The body of "Baby Faith" was found floating in Horsetooth Reservoir in August 1996.She was born on August 22, 1996, and her body was found in a plastic garbage bag two days later.Investigators classified the case as a murder because they determined the baby was born alive and she was found dead.Investigators still do not know the baby's identity or that of her mother, but they say they plan to retest the baby's DNA. Their hope is that modern DNA analysis and comparisons with national databases may help them identify Baby Faith since a lot of the technology available today was not available 10 years ago. Baby Faith's headstone still sits in a quiet corner of the Roselawn Cemetery in Fort Collins. A funeral was held for her 10 years ago, and while no one at the service knew Baby Faith, many came to say goodbye. One investigator says he still visits her grave and hopes someday he'll solve her murder. "I've been by her grave a couple of times this week and I look at that grave marker and I feel like I'm the only one that still cares," said Lt. Andy Josey of the Larimer County Sheriff's Office. "And I look at it and she's lonely and I think that's sad, but that's why I'm pushing away at it, because someone has to care."There was another baby girl found dead on the same day 10 years ago in Pueblo. That baby, also a newborn, was found floating in the Arkansas River right below the Pueblo Reservoir. Investigators named her Baby Hope. To this day, they have not identified her, but they did determine there was no link to the two babies. If you have any information on Baby Faith, you're asked to call the Larimer County Sheriff's Office, and if you know anything about Baby Hope you can contact the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office.