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Kansas abortion decision relieves Colorado reproductive rights organizations

Cobalt says they have paid more for abortion travel related expenses since June 24 than they did all of last year.

COLORADO, USA — For every state that bans abortion, Colorado abortion clinics and reproductive rights organizations brace for the inevitable influx of patients.

In the last 45 days, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains said their locations served 773 out-of-state patients compared to 206 out-of-state patients in the same 45 day period in 2021.

In an emailed statement, the organization wrote: "We were relieved and heartened by the Kansas vote. If Kansas had opened the door to banning abortion, there would be no refuge for patients between the southeast and the Midwest; those patients would have flooded into Colorado and New Mexico. It is critical for the country to have Kansas as another state where people can go for their healthcare."

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Cobalt President Karen Middleton was also relieved by the decision in Kansas. Their organization protects access to reproductive rights, including abortion, and helps pay for abortion related healthcare and abortion related travel expenses.

"I think if they had had to shut down we would have seen a big rush of new patients," Middleton said about abortions in Kansas. 

Although Cobalt has found themselves paying much more for abortion related travel, they are receiving many more donations as well. 

"Six people organized an event in Fort Collins," Middleton said. "We didn't know them. They had 150 people there and raised $20,000, and they were all new and it was amazing." 

In all of last year, Cobalt raised $260,000 for their practical support fund. Middleton said they've already raised nearly double that this year.

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