We didn't know it then, but we know now that 9NEWS got a little tangled up with some meddling Russians around the time of the 2016 election.

A couple of tweets from 9NEWS political guy Brandon Rittiman have ties to Russian Twitter accounts that wanted to sway the outcome of the presidential race, according to a database from NBC News.

NBC collected data on more than 200,000 tweets from thousands of those accounts, which Twitter has since deleted. To clear up any confusion, @BrandonRittiman wasn't sending out anything scandalous, but apparently some the "malicious" accounts chose to interact with two of his tweets.

One of them is from June 2015, when Rick Perry was on stage at the Western Conservative Summit.

The other is from December of 2016, when a federal judge denied the faithless electors' request for a preliminary injunction to unbind their votes from Hillary Clinton. The tweet mentioned in the NBC database is actually a response to a tweet from Brandon.

NBC News decided to publish its findings to spread awareness. You can see all the data here.

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