This story isn't about a police officer in trouble, or a teacher who got caught cheating, or a nurse stealing drugs. This story is about the Good Ones - the public servants who do the right thing, like 99 percent of them do every day.

Next has actually heard a couple of stories about good ones over the weekend:

Resource Officer Sharon Avendano is with the Denver Police Department. She helped out a woman named Eva, in Denver.

Eva suffers from a mental illness and needed help cleaning up her home because she was getting citations from the Department of Public Health. Officer Avendano was worried that Eva would lose her home, so she figured out how to get a dumpster donated, recruited volunteers and cleaned up Eva's home in one day back in December.

Over in Aurora, the Community Outreach Team - made of officers, Aurora Mental Health staff and the Colfax Community Network, spent Sunday night out in the snow. They handed out cheeseburgers, clothes and hand-warmers to those who were spending the cold night outside.

These are some the good ones, and they're almost all good ones.

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