The 2017 Colorado State Table Soccer Championship is in the books.

The sounds of jubilation, excitement and complete frustration echo around the 47 foosball tables for hours while one man, Jim Stevens, streams the games live, switches between eight cameras and announces the marquee games.

“There is a complete sub-culture of foosball players all around the world, but here in Colorado alone probably 500 to 1,000 people would consider themselves 'foosers.' It’s part of their everyday life," said Stevens.

Stevens, from Durango, Colorado, has traveled around the world announcing foosball matches and may just be the only foosball announcer out there.

Jim Stevens, fooscaster.

For Stevens it started when his grandmother mistakenly bought him a foosball table when he had requested a bubble hockey table. He took up foosball and became pretty good.

That has led to him being the Vin Scully of foosball.

He shakes his head with a smile and says he has the best job.

Colorado continues to show why it’s one of the most popular tournaments in the country with 390 people from around the world attending the three-day event.

Money and prizes totaled $35,000.

The young and the old - from real estate agents to airline workers - stood for hours on end with sweaty palms and little sleep to play foosball well into the morning hours.

Nino Dijohn brought his son Sam from Albany, New York to compete in the junior singles.

Sam Dijohn.

“I heard a lot about it, it’s a great venue - the experience and the people,” said Dijohn.

His son Sam is nine years old and has to stand on stools to be effective on the table.

 Sam Dijohn and his foot stools.

Sam went up against a much older and somewhat intimidating player in Gabriel Torres from Colorado.

Sam came away with the hardware two games to one.

Once the match was over, Sam got some high-fives from his young fans and friends, picked up his footstools and registered his win - as is the protocol.

“A lot of legends came out of Colorado, it’s the mecca,” said Dijohn. He may have the beginnings of one in his son Sam.

Nino Dijohn celebrates with fans as his Son Sam wins Junior Singles at the 2017 Colorado Foosball Table Soccer Championship in Thornton.

Not only did Sam get to win but he also got to see some of his idols in Ryan Moore and Tony Spredeman.

Moore is from Colorado and won the open singles match to bring the title back to a Coloradan.

Last year, Spredeman, from Florida, won the open singles, but this year managed victories in open doubles with Robert Mares and a win in open mixed doubles with Dana Thompson.

Robert Mares and Tony Spredeman vs Garret Scherkenbach and Ryan Moore.

At the end of the weekend, champions take home their hardware and losers take their experience and hope the next match is a win.

The tournament next year hopes to bring in even more participants.

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