DENVER — Six members of Denver City Council sat at the same table as Mayor Michael Hancock Tuesday morning at the weekly Mayor-Council meeting.

Not every councilmember shows up at these weekly opportunities to talk directly with the Mayor, but by the looks of this meeting, you wouldn't have known that city council last night, and spent a second straight week in an executive session talking about the mayor's texts to Denver Police Detective Leslie Branch-Wise.

Initially, council determined it would not investigate the texts because councilmembers did not want to re-victimize Branch-Wise. Then, through a letter from her attorney, Branch-Wise asked city council to investigate those texts. Last night, after its executive session, council announced there would be no investigation.

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A letter from Council President Albus Brooks detailed why no investigation would take place, "Since we are not the judicial branch, we are unable to make a legal conclusion about the Mayor’s conduct and there are no disputed facts," wrote Brooks.

Prior to that statement, he wrote, "Each Council Member agrees that Mayor Hancock’s conduct was unacceptable."

9NEWS emailed all 13 Denver City Councilmembers asking if they support Hancock in his effort for a third term. The election in May 2019.

Five of the councilmembers responded as of 7:15 p.m.

Mary Beth Susman wrote, "Good question. But I have no comment."

Robin Kniech replied, "I haven’t endorsed any Mayoral candidates in the past or upcoming race."

Kevin Flynn wrote, "Just as when I ran in 2015, I don’t take positions on candidates for other city offices. I run my own race."

Paul Lopez said, "While he has stated his intent to run, as far as I can tell, he has yet to file the official paperwork necessary to do so; and frankly it’s still much too early to make a call on next summer’s elections. If I decide endorse anyone I’ll keep you in the know."

Debbie Ortega wrote, "I want to reiterate that I find the mayor’s conduct unacceptable. I do not currently plan to endorse a candidate in the 2019 mayoral election. As a voter, I will make my decision with the rest of Denver voters using the information available to me at the time of the election."