DENVER— Republicans and Democrats gathered Tuesday for caucus meetings that were much tamer than what Colorado saw in the 2016 election.

With no presidential race on the 2018 ballot, the caucuses were attended mainly by die-hards but also some civic-minded newcomers interested in helping to steer the race for governor.

Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-Colorado) is termed out and both parties have a deep bench of candidates looking to be chosen as his replacement.

Republicans will not compile a statewide result for the governor’s race from Tuesday’s precinct caucus votes.

The Democrats will, but party officials say the results will not be available until Wednesday because they’re being hand-counted by volunteers.

Those results are not exactly binding, but both parties also elected delegates Tuesday who will go on to state conventions. That will lead to the selection of delegates to the state party conventions on April 14.

Each party’s convention can choose up to three names for to appear on the June primary ballot.

The caucuses were not open to independent voters, who make up more than a third of Colorado’s electorate.

However, voters who have not registered with a party will be allowed to fill out one major party primary ballot in the June 26 primary election.

That change was enacted by Colorado voters in the 2016 election.