DENVER — Sorry folks, it probably wasn’t our alien overlords (this time).

Sixty two people so far have reported a bright fireball streaking across the Colorado sky Thursday evening, according to the American Meteor Society. While the event seemed to center around Colorado, there were also sightings in Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming.

Check out a video of the fireball below:

A fireball is a term for a meteor that's brighter than Venus. While seeing something streaking across the night sky is always alarming, the American Meteor Society says this actually happens thousands of times a day – the majority of which, though, are masked by daylight or in areas people don’t usually live. This particular event was significant since it was visible during the evening commute (just after 6 p.m.) on Colorado’s very populated Front Range.

The fireball moved east to west, according to the American Meteor Society, and ended its flight southwest of Montrose.

Chris Peterson with the Cloudbait Observatory in Guffey said this event probably dropped a meteorite on ground somewhere in southwest Colorado -- but finding it will be virtually impossible due to the terrain in the area. 

Did you see a mysterious light in the sky on Thursday night? Share it with us here!

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