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91-year-old grandmother still missing after Marshall Fire, says family

Nadine Turnbull's home was destroyed in Old Town Superior.

SUPERIOR, Colo. — The look of the night may be different with inches of snow on the ground in Boulder County, but for Hutch Armstrong and his family, the question remains the same on Friday: What happened to their beloved Grandma Nadine Turnbull?

"It's difficult, difficult not knowing. Much rather know," Armstrong, Turnbull's grandson-in-law, said.

Armstrong said he and his family reported that Turnbull was missing after his wife's cousin said she could not get the 91-year-old out of their home in Old Town Superior during the fire.

"They tried to go out the front door with the neighbor. It was engulfed. Checked the back door it was engulfed," Armstrong said.

Armstrong said the cousin made it out of the side door and tried to go back for Turnbull. She suffered burns on her arms and legs, and Armstrong said firefighters pulled her away.

"She says two times she was right behind me, right behind me," Armstrong said.

With fire bearing down, Armstrong said they had to leave. He said the family feared the worst about Grandma Turnbull.

 "Just a nice person, genuine person, Christian lady," Armstrong said. "My wife went over there, what, the day after Christmas was talking to her and she said she's doing good. She said, I'm going to live to be a hundred."

Turnbull moved to Old Town Superior with her husband in 1965. Armstrong said the family started the grieving process.

"Just loving caring, always worried about how everybody else was doing," Armstrong said.

Then, Armstrong said they heard Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle's media briefing Friday morning.

"Good news. We still have no reports of casualties or fatalities. The missing person we had last night has been accounted for and is well," Pelle said.

Armstrong said his family was confused.

"You hear no deaths. (We) reported her missing. That's the only one they said one woman reported missing. It just doesn't make sense," Armstrong said.

He said the hardest part now is just not knowing.

"I do think we have a right to know. If there's such a woman who was reported missing and then safe. Why can't I get the information? Is it her? Or, is it not?" Armstrong said.

Jennifer Churchill with Boulder County said Sheriff Pelle did not have the most up-to-date information at Friday's media briefing. She said multiple agencies are taking and investigating missing person reports. Friday night, she said two people are now considered missing, and investigators are working to find out more.

"After hearing the news today, we were a little bit, just want to know," Armstrong said.

Churchill said the Sheriff's Office apologizes to the families for any confusion caused.

"We'd like to know what's going on," Armstrong said.

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