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Burned properties selling for over $500,000 after Marshall Fire

More than 10 properties are up for sale in Louisville and Superior, one for almost $800,000.

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. — A developer is reaching out to victims of the Marshall Fire to see if they are interested in selling their burned lots. More than 10 properties are up for sale in Louisville and Superior.

As of Thursday, one was listed for nearly $800,000. 

"We all live here and we all want to see something beautiful when it is done," said David Janis, a developer in Boulder. 

Janis sent letters to Marshall Fire victims, and he said some residents were giving him calls back. 

"One type of person is older and they have been thinking about downsizing anyway," he said. "Like sometime in the next five to 10 years."

Most of the lots up for sale are in the Sagamore neighborhood in Superior. Those are starting at $300,000. A property on West Enclave Circle in Louisville was listed for $799,000 on Zillow Thursday. 

"I could see a house on that lot selling for $3 million, three years from now," said Janis. 

It is going to take some time to revive this community. Working on a plan to move back to their neighborhood in Louisville is helping the Lappin family heal. 

"I hope everybody marches forward and takes action because this is a wonderful place," said Michael Lappin. 

Lappin is committed to rebuilding his home. He can't say the same for his neighbors. 

"Four out of 10 people that are not going to be able to rebuild and I would say that is going to trend upwards towards less rebuilding," he said. 

He believes some may decide to sell their lots instead of moving back. 

"Each one of them is talking to their insurance agents and figuring out is this even possible," said Lappin. 

Several lots were listed within the past month, but none appear to have been sold.

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