Chauncey Billups never slows down.

Despite multiple reports that say he has been offered a long-term contract to become the president of basketball operations for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he spent Thursday giving back to his hometown.

Billups was on the Regis University campus to visit students enrolled in the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy, a program dedicated to providing academic and leadership training to at-risk, inner-city students from across the Denver Metro area.

Students on this day participated in a "financially fit" program with financial advisors from Morgan Stanley in Denver.

"I know I never had an opportunity to learn about financial literacy when I was in high school or even before that," Billups said. "I think it's important for us to be able to give these kids an opportunity to learn a little bit about financial literacy from stocks and bonds to even simple things like writing checks [and] balancing checkbooks. These are things that will be necessary for them in life, and that's something we take pride in, in the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy, is focusing on the things that nobody really teaches."

The former George Washington High School grad, University of Colorado standout and Denver Nugget says he sees it as his responsibility to inspire, influence and give back to kids who remind him of himself growing up in the Mile High City.

"I have a really busy schedule and [I'm] being pulled in a million different directions. I make this a priority," he said. "Anything with my name on it, I do make a priority because I don't just lay my name. I'm in it. I'm all in it with the decision making, with the planning. I come and see the kids. This is just what I do."

Billups has actively stayed involved with the Denver community since his playing days. He launched the Chauncey Billups Foundation in 2009, and sponsors multiple events in the state.

"I always have felt this is what my life was for. God blessed me with the ability to become a great basketball player, not to be a basketball player [but] to be a guy and a person people look up to knowing I would never ever take advantage of that influence or misuse that influence, and this is what I'm here to do, to try and inspire the next generation to have a chance -- a real chance -- in life."

Billups will be hosting his annual Chauncey Billups Basketball Academy at the Parker Fieldhouse on Monday, June 26-29. The camp is open for players ages 10-16. Isaiah Thomas from the Boston Celtics will be this year's celebrity coach. For more information or to sign up, visit