Week 2 of 9Preps FAN-tastic brought us a new winner, and what figures to be a healthy debate in the city of Aurora.

After last week's start to our series, fans at Smoky Hill High School watched the video of Regis parting the red sea and collectively said one thing: 'Ours was better.'

For us, the choice of which act of Moses was more impressive is too tough to call. But, one thing is clear. Smoky's version is the clear winner of this week's 9Preps FAN-tastic.

Moses perfectly separating a sea of red, literally, when the Buffaloes took on George Washington earlier this season was great on multiple levels.

The size of the crowd was incredible, the red out made for a very cool look and the students not just pulling apart, but actually falling over gave it something extra.

Week to week, the Buffaloes' home crowd has been a thing of beauty in both size and entertainment, like when the fans sang "Sweet Caroline" Friday night as the school hosted rival Grandview.

All in all, the passionate fanbase at Smoky was very worthy of winning our latest 9Preps FAN-tastic.

That doesn't mean we didn't have some other solid submissions. For example, there was a party at Rocky Mountain High School when the Lobos beat Poudre Friday.

The top ranked basketball team in the state also showed that it has one of the top fan sections. Check out Rock Canyon's dramatic ending to the singing of the national anthem.

Still, after careful consideration, Smoky Hill's entry was still the best we received all week.

In just two weeks of our new digital series, we've seen some FAN-tastic videos of student sections around the state. But, we have faith in the creativity of Colorado. We know we can find something even better.

Think your school has what it takes to win our weekly FAN-tastic series? Have a video of your school doing something unique and entertaining at a preps sporting event? Send it to us! Email us at sports@9news.com, tweet us @9Preps or message us on Facebook at 9NEWS Sports.