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'One Shining Moment': Beloved Final Four tradition written in a bar where Larry Bird was playing on TV

It's one of the most iconic traditions in all of sports and the emotional March Madness highlight reel has been the grand finale of every Final Four since 1987.

Michelle Homer


Published: 2:50 PM MDT March 31, 2023
Updated: 2:08 PM MDT April 4, 2023

Three things are guaranteed during March Madness: stunning upsets by Cinderella teams; busted brackets; and "One Shining Moment" as the grand finale. 

The song has been the background for the emotional March Madness highlight reels played after every Final Four championship game since 1987. 

In fact, UConn's Andrew Hurley, the son of coach Dan Hurley, told NCAA.com's Mike Lopresti why the song has special meaning for them.

“My first memory is watching "One Shining Moment."  That was one thing every single year that we’ve done for as long as I can remember, watching that together after the championship game. One of our biggest dreams is not only to be in the spot that we’re in but to be part of that video."

"One Shining Moment" has a fascinating back story that involves a bar in Michigan where the legendary Boston Celtic, Larry Bird, was playing on TV.

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