The best part about being bad is you get to pick early, but the Denver Broncos didn’t draft as early as we all thought they would.

John Elway was making moves in the opening round of the NFL Draft. Elway has never been a guy who sits back – not as a quarterback, and not as an executive.

From No. 10 to No. 20 ... The Broncos traded back 10 spots and received a ton of value. In addition to the Steelers' 20th overall pick, they picked up Pittsburgh’s second-round pick this year, and a third-round next year.

And they still got a tight end from Iowa in Noah Fant. Many had speculated they would take TJ Hockenson in the first round, but when the Lions grabbed him, Elway went to work.

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The 9NEWS sports poll asked the viewers what they thought of the move. They didn’t like it.

I get it – seeing all those great players go to other teams was tough.

Watching picks 10-19 was brutal. Devin Bush would have helped this team. Rashan Gary would have helped this team. Christian Wilkins would have helped this team.

But so will Noah Fant.

Not just at tight end, but in the fact he came with extra picks. In a draft this deep, especially on defense, Denver did well by making this move.

Of course, if Devin Bush becomes a perennial Pro Bowler then this move will not be looked back at as a good one, but let's wait and see what the Broncos do with that extra second rounder tomorrow.

If they perhaps pick a perennial Pro Bowler, then Elway is a genius!

Bottom line is this ... When you’ve been as bad as the Broncos have been, you need as many good players as possible.

Hopefully this move will help them get at least one more – and another next year.

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