Bryce Meredith has always been a good wrestler, but the Wyoming senior has never been the best, until now.

"My whole life, you're always seeing people who are number one in the country and you're like, 'man it would be so cool to be number one,'" said Meredith. "Then you get there and you're like, 'wow I'm here, I'm finally the number one guy in the country and everyone who looks at rankings the first thing they see is my name.'"

Meredith has been close to winning the NCAA national championship before. As a sophomore he finished second at nationals, losing to Dean Heil from Oklahoma State, who he beat this year.

"You never know if you're going to get back there," said Meredith. "The NCAA tournament is a scary place, so you never now when you're going to have that opportunity. So, don't let it slip. This window closes very very fast."

Bryce is the big man on campus on the mats, but he may not be the only number one from Laramie. Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen could be the NFL's top pick in April.

"I've had a couple of conversations with him about being on top of our sports. It's fun having those stories with people, so it's cool seeing him up there," said Meredith.

Allen won't know if he'll be number one until April 26, and while Meredith is the top guy right now, it's being there in March that matters most.

Dick Ballinger won the 167 pound title back in 1960, the only one Wyoming has ever won. Bryce Meredith is hoping to be the second.