Snow isn't making many appearances in Denver this season so far.

The snow and ice we saw Monday was one of just a few cases, making this the third least snowiest season to date since the 1880s. DIA has only received about a quarter of the snowfall it usually does by this point in the season.

Looking at the comparisons for the past few months with data from the National Weather Service: In November the normal snowfall is 7.5 inches. November of 2017 we only got a trace. In December, around eight inches is normal. In 2017 we got four inches.

It's not only affecting many Colorado ski resorts - where early season visits are down up to 13 percent, but the dryness could have an effect on your garden.

"The trees I'm worried about the most are the spruce because they have a shallow root system," said Tony Hahn who works with the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado.

He's also concerned about plants, including younger ones, with shallow roots and in general evergreen trees.

He says don't turn on your sprinklers but use a hose to not only water the plants and trees but the turf too. He's been doing it himself every couple of weeks since November.

We've made comebacks in years like this. Two of the best known were in 1944 and 2003. We got around 35 inches of snow that March in 2003.