KUSA – Temperatures in much of the state reached almost 80 degrees on Thursday, but Friday was an entirely opposite situation on the Eastern Plains, where seven-foot snow drifts and gusts topping more than 70 miles per hour shut down major highways and knocked out power for hundreds of people in Colorado’s rural communities.

The following highways were closed due to the spring storm:

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9NEWS Meteorologist Cory Reppenhagen was trapped in Akron, Colorado Friday due to the road closures. During a Facebook Live, he was barely visible against the blowing snow:

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The wind knocked over eight semi-trucks west of Akron, blocking the road.

Colorado State Patrol described the conditions as a “blinding whiteout.”

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Wind gusts in Limon were so strong that they toppled trees and blew over trampolines.

Ranchers should take necessary actions to protect young livestock especially vulnerable to the strong winds, blizzard conditions, and much colder temperatures.

Burlington, Colorado reported a 74 mph hurricane-force wind at 3:35 p.m.