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That Rolling Stones concert at Mile High is unofficially official

We know this is only rock and roll, but we like it just the same.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to realize the sign of the Rolling Stones logo at the Broncos Stadium might portend something pertaining to the legendary band playing in Denver.

And this was all-but-confirmed during Wednesday’s Metropolitan Football Stadium District Board meeting.

Basically, Jay Roberts, the Broncos Stadium general manager, told the board that Mile High is looking to host three concerts next year.

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"One is done and getting ready to be announced next week, and some people can guess what that is because of a random sign that got hung on the side of the building for one day and then taken down." Roberts told the board.

That banner was spotted at the beginning of the month. It had a giant tongue on it and showed up at several other NFL stadiums as well.