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Food and nutrition trends you can expect to see in 2020

Consumers will want to learn more about how friendly the food they are eating is to the planet.

2020 is right around the corner, and with it will come new goals, new adventures, and new concepts in your local grocery store. 

The consumer will truly take the idea that “back to the basics” is a better option than complicated and difficult.

Here are some trends you can expect to see in the coming year.


Consumers are more demanding to know exactly what is in their food now and will be less trusting of brands that they perceive to hide the truth or use ingredients not found in nature

Less ingredients

Consumers will be seeking out shorter ingredient lists as they seek to find snacks and meals that are as close to what they would make at home as possible

Plant based 

What’s the majority of what my patients want to talk about? How to become more plant based. As more and more brands enter the market offering foods that mimic meat.

Sustainable practices 

Consumers will want to learn more about how friendly the food they are eating is to the planet. Sustainability will be a huge trend in the 2020

Grain free foods

Consumers will see an explosion of grain free versions of their favorite snacks, like chips, as well as with baking staples, like flours. This will also coincide with a continued interest in the ketogenetic diet. If grains are consumed, they will be colorful, intact, and unique

Foods you’ll find more of:

  • Colorful spices beyond salt and pepper, especially those coming from the middle east or west Africa
  • Chickpea and butter and other butters outside of nuts and seeds
  • Banana flour and other alternative flours will hit the market
  • Cashew milk and oat milk
  • Explosion of CBD waters and foods
  • Adaptagenic drinks and foods
  • Inclusion of protein in snack options
  • Ancient grains

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