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Creative ways to get rid of your Christmas tree

You can feed it to goats, or turn the trunk into coasters!

No one sings song about un-decking the halls and taking down the Christmas tree, but there are some fun traditions even after the holiday ends that will make getting rid of the tree just as much of a tradition. 

1. Recycle your tree through your city or town's recycling program. Denver has Treecycle and you can set your tree out near your trash and recycling and the city will pick it up for you. Many communities turn donated trees into mulch for residents to pick up for free later. 

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2. If you want to see recycling first-hand, find a local goat farm to bring it too. Goats think of the needles as tasty treats and will strip the branches clean. 

"It's Christmas candy," said Amanda Weaver, the owner of Five Fridges Farm in Wheat Ridge. Weaver adds if you plan on donating it to goats, make sure there's no plastic on the tree, and that it hasn't been sprayed with chemicals. 

3. Every year in Crested Butte, residents get together for a big bonfire of all their Christmas trees. This year it's on Jan. 4 and people can drop off trees between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to burn. 

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4. Feeling crafty? Slivers of the tree trunk make great coasters! But I am not the expert, so here's a pinterest board with a bunch of ideas for you DIYers. 

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