It's clearly an April Fool's Day prank, but the sight of a "patrol cat" holding down a perp is so hilarious, we wish it were true.

The supposed debut of Officer Buttersworth, Fort Collins Police's first "patrol cat", was posted on its Facebook page.

Officer Wier jokingly claims that patrol cats date back to Ancient Egypt, but lost favor with American law enforcement in the early 1900s because officers got sick of their litterboxes.

And of course, on Officer Buttersworth's first day, he supposedly caught a cat burglar. Yeah, we wouldn't have been strong enough to resist that joke either.

It ends with the requisite pun "Okay, okay, we’re just kitten."

The post's video also includes outtakes, the funniest coming from the cat not wanting to cooperate with his handler. Who knew it was so difficult to budge a relatively small cat?