Propane gas sold across Colorado, Nebraksa, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming is being recalled.

Western Gas Partners says the recalled propane may not contain enough odorant to detect a leak. The odorant serves as a warning to consumers to help prevent explosion or fire hazards.

The recall involves 45.7 million gallons of propane gas sold at retail locations and delivered to consumers' storage tanks.

The under-odorized propane was sold between April 2015 and October 2017 through various companies and retailers.

Consumers should not test their tanks for the odorant themselves. Western Gas asks that consumers who have propane delivered to their tanks contact their supplier or Western Gas for a free inspection. Consumers that have purchased a portable propane tank (for barbeques, RVs, etc.) contact their retailer or call the Western Gas hotline at 1-833-444-1451 to see if their gas is affected.

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