Thirteen individuals were charged with violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act (COCCA) following a raid of the Hells Angels clubhouse and other businesses earlier this month, Denver District Attorney Beth McCann announced Friday.

Denver Charter Hells Angels Outlaw Motorcycle Club Gang Club House at 3257 Navajo St. in Denver was among several businesses raided on Nov. 7, which netted multiple arrests.

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Law enforcement seized dozens of firearms in addition to methamphetamine, cocaine, cash, passports and other items, according to the DA.

In addition to the COCCA charges, the DA said that some defendants face additional felony charges of:

  • First-degree assault
  • Second-degree kidnapping
  • Robbery
  • Theft greater than $100,000
  • Aggravated motor vehicle theft
  • Chop shop activity

Some defendants have bonded out of jail while others remain in custody, the DA said. 

While arrest warrants remain sealed, the accused defendants are:

  • Jason P. Sellers, 44
  • Michael J. Dire, 74
  • Jared B. Orland, 47
  • Clinton Williams, 45
  • William “Kelly” Henderson, 42
  • William “Curly” E. Whitney, 81
  • Justin A. Wright, 35
  • Peter M. Baron, 30
  • Dominic Robichaud, 47
  • Dustin Ullerich, 47 
  • Adam Mulcahy, 27
  • Jimmy D. Salazar, 44
  • Derek A. Beste, 30
  • Jerome J. Guardiola, 35 (remains at large)
Arrest Photos
Denver DA
Arrest Photos
Denver DA

Other associated businesses raided on Nov. 7 include:

  • Kool Kat Tattoo Shop, 2297 W. Dartmouth Ave., Englewood
  • Uneekbilt, 2610 S. Raritan Circle, Englewood
  • Tribal Rites tattoo shop, 7735 W. 92nd Ave., Westminster

COCCA is a set of statutes which prohibit the types of criminal activity carried out by organized crime and other criminal enterprises.

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