A phone alert was sent home Thursday night to parents by Douglas County School District erroneously flagged as an emergency message, but actually about a funding request.

The Dougco Schools Communications Director Stacy Rader released a statement apologizing for the issue and asking that all blamed be placed on the communications department. The Board of Education had nothing to do with the message.

Rader said the funding message was put into the wrong communication channel - namely the emergency alert system. Several parents have reached out to 9NEWS complaining about the message and pointing out how strange and disturbing it was to receive.

Rader said the message sending via the wrong system was human error.

"We understand that the emergency notification system is only for use in emergency situations and sincerely apologize for any concern we may have caused," the note from Rader said.

She also said she emailed out the same letter.

"As a parent," she continued, "I understand how frightening it can be to receive an emergency message and how upsetting it is to find out that was sent in error."

You can email any and all questions to srrader@dcsdk12.org.

She also included in her apology letter a push for the proposal from the school board. The board wants to put it to voters to give them more money.